Lecture Hall at Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Mangement, Dwarka

  • Scope of Work : Turn-key (Design & Build)
  • Area : 70 SQ.M
  • Year: 2022
  • Status: Built
  • Location: Dwarka, Delhi, India
  • Category: Lecture Hall Design, Institutional
The project was to remodel the interiors of an existing lecture hall. The issues faced by students and teachers were taken into account while re-designing the space.

The entrance to the lecture hall had steps due to which the space was not wheelchair friendly. A ramp was introduced on the entrance to make the space barrier-free.

Existing curved steps in the lecture hall were straightened so that the students could have a better viewing angle.

Foldable chairs with fixed tables were introduced to increase the capacity of the lecture hall as well as to make the space look neater.

A new false ceiling design was introduced into the classroom which helped to add better lighting into the classroom. A new HVAC system was also introduced. Colored Acoustic panels were used on the false ceiling and the walls for good insulation inside the lecture hall. The colored panels helped to add vibrancy and liveliness to the lecture hall.

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